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2008 CQ160 Contest – W7SNH

Denny W7SNH came over to do the CQ160 CW Contest — his first contest using computer logging. We decided to use his call for the operation. Conditions on the first night (Friday) were excellent from here — it’s not normal (as near as I can tell, having only done the top band thingĀ for four years or so) to hear EU, let alone work EU, during a crowded contest band, however we were hearing CT3, CT, DL, EA8, etc… even got a few in the log! I made sure that Denny knew that this wasn’t normal.

The conditions held to the next morning, when we were able to hear 3W3W very nicely, however this one didn’t get into the log…

3W3W audio snippet (MP3, about 4 minutes)

We did >OK< for a first-time multi-op operation here, and Denny did EXCELLENTLY for not having used N1MM (or computer logging) before… our unaudited results were 654Q’s, 131K pts according to N1MM logger..